Getting Stewardship right - online session
Tuesday March 24th, at 12 noon (EST)

If you run an individual giving program, then you likely know that recent stats place donor retention at 45%, with the 10-year average sticking around the 50% mark*. That means half your new donors are expected to leave you not long after their first donation.

That realization should make any fundraiser shudder. The good news is there is absolutely something, in fact many things, you can do about it. One of these is to ensure the quality of your stewardship program, and our Stewardship Tracker is designed precisely to serve you in this respect.

What is the Stewardship Tracker? The tracker is a unique mystery shopping program, running over 12 months, and including 90 set tasks delivered by dedicated mystery supporters to test how well your organization responds to new donor interaction, existing donor requests, donations and cancellations, ad hoc queries and more. It can run across mail, email, telephone and even include activities such as face-to-face fundraising, if your acquisition program includes this technique. 

It provides you with two in-depth reports, revealing what your stewardship looks and feels like from the outside. It gives you quality assurance on how your third party suppliers are delivering, under the reputational banner of your brand. And it gives the reassurance of immediate alerts to you for any activity that is a risk to your donor relationships, or organizational perception. 

Want to find out more? For an invite to our dedicated online overview of the Stewardship Tracker, taking place on Tuesday March 24 th at 12 noon (EST), click RSVP below. We’ll then send you your personal invite to join us, well in advance of the next cycle - which starts in April 2020**.


Can’t make the session but want more information? Find more details by clicking here, or contact us for a dedicated chat on how the Stewardship Tracker can help elevate your fundraising.

P.S. The 2020/21 Stewardship Tracker cycle starts in April. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique, dedicated 12-month mystery shopping program, which has already helped over 50 organizations.  Click the RSVP above to secure your spot!

* 2018 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report - click here.
** Please note that the session is restricted to the first 10 participants, and the invitation is for direct employees of non-profit organizations.
Consultants and/or suppliers are not able to join this session, but should instead contact us directly for more details of the product.