Giving a crap is fertile giving ground                                    

Once we get through these ‘COVID times’, (and stay positive, because we will), one unforgettable memory will surely be the run on toilet paper. Scenes of absolute carnage at Costco were reported on the news, as monster packages of simple, white rolls of usually discreet and overlooked toilet paper were stacked high in shopper’s carts. Sometimes fights broke out. Most times it was just rationed, but getting it could be challenging, and it was a special time for sure. And all part of a reaction to the threat of a virus which didn’t actually involve a need for additional toilet paper as a response to expected symptoms…

The good news is that, besides creating an amusing element to look back on once we’re in the ‘After Times’, the rush on toilet paper has created an amazing philanthropic event. The Australia-based ,but now global, company ‘Who Gives A Crap?’ (WGAC) this month donated their biggest donation ever to nonprofits working in the WASH field - water, sanitation and health -, thanks to unprecedented (yes, there another lasting memory of COVID – that word) demand for their key product.

An awesome CAD $5.53m (AUD S5.85m) was donated, a figure 5 times that of the previous year’s donation, and one which doubled the total amount of money given in the company’s history overnight. At a time when the global pandemic shows no sign of slowing as it makes its way around the world, that big slice of good news is worth holding tight for sure.

Besides this perfect good news story, the approach of WGAC is a great one to examine for its wider weaving of business and philanthropic magic. Right from the get-go the company had a clear purpose to help developing countries through the injection of funds into WASH causes. WGAC donate 50% (not a typo) of profits as standard to a set of partners, thereby setting up a sustainable cash flow to an agreed and stable set of nonprofits.

For one major partner, WaterAid (Australia and America), the impact of their share of this largest pot of gold makes WGAC the charity’s third biggest corporate donor – behind the huge names of HSBC and Pepsi. No small feat, and one which will bring tangible life benefits to many people around the world – as well as a real sense of achievement to all at WGAC (perhaps doubtful they need it at this point though).

And there’s more good news – you can be part of this ongoing success story. Sure, it’s unlikely that WGAC will top this history-making amount next year, but switch your purchase of toilet paper to them and you’ll add to the amount already building. What’s not to like about a delivery of ethical, environmentally friendly (no plastic, all paper) direct to your home which saves you writing ‘toilet paper’ and worrying about your ability to find it on each and every shopping list?

As a fundraiser you always want to do more good. Here you can, just by giving a crap.


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Dawn Varley is THINK Canada's Client Development Consultant.
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