You know what your stewardship program is;
but how is it serving you?

According to the AFP Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report 2018, donor retention rates average less than 50% over the previous 10 years. That’s half of your new donors failing to give again the following year. With scary stats like that it’s mission critical to ensure you retain the new supporters your investment in recruitment campaigns bring in.

It’s significant that we are talking about supporters too, not simply donors. As you know, it’s the long-term value of the relationship with your supporters that matters, and they may choose to give in more ways than money over time.

So how do you build and nurture that relationship? Even more crucially, how do you avoid ending it?

The obvious answer is to treat your supporters well and give them what they want and need at every opportunity. No doubt you’ve designed your strategy and set up your processes and teams with great skill to do just that. But how do you know where they are succeeding, and where they are not?

THINK Canada’s Stewardship Tracker program gives you an accurate, in-depth analysis of exactly what your supporters are experiencing with your organization.

Uniquely, we do this over time to build a true, ongoing picture. And we benchmark it against the performance of other organizations. No other program offers you such comprehensive and far reaching insights.

You could call it mystery shopping – only not as you know it. Instead of diving in to take a quick snapshot in a random moment, we assign a team of 28 Mystery Supporters to monitor eight aspects of your service, through multiple channels, over a year (or longer if you wish). That adds up to 90 distinct check-in points on your stewardship program.

Our experienced researchers then compile this information into two detailed reports, six months apart, that describe and analyze your unique supporter experience. That way you can start to build up a true and detailed picture of your supporter relationships within a few months of joining and – crucially – see how they evolve.

At the end of the year you also receive a benchmark report to see how your supporter stewardship compares to other organizations in the program (anonymously, of course).

In our experience, the feedback members receive through the Stewardship Tracker is often positive. But given the relentless problem of supporter attrition, there is always room to improve as well as to celebrate. Many participants find that having an independent viewpoint provides valuable evidence and ammunition when it comes to implementing internal changes too.

Want to find out more?

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The next Stewardship Tracker begins in April and is limited to 10 organizations. Will yours be there to benefit from unique and detailed supporter care insights that can quite literally transform your retention performance and help you build a loyal supporter base for decades to come?

If you can’t make this session, or would like a dedicated session for your organization, please reach out and we can discuss options. 

Dawn Varley is THINK Canada's Client Development Consultant.
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