Stewardship Tracker

The Stewardship Tracker is a tried and tested approach of mystery shopping in the fundraising environment, which has already provided hugely valuable insight to more than 40 UK and 12 Canadian not-for-profit organizations.

Working through a Canada-wide team of mystery shoppers (supporters), the Stewardship Tracker enables you to assess the effectiveness of your supporter relationship management across a range of key activities, both monthly and annually, so that you can build an ongoing picture of supporter experience over time. It provides evidence and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the experience you're giving your donors & supporters.

The cumulative nature of the Tracker’s sampling offers an invaluable alternative to other mystery shopping products which only sample activity once a year.                     

THINK has been running this successful program in Canada since 2014, and in the UK for 10 years. This means we've been able to build teams that work together to provide you with extremely high quality information and detailed analysis.

How it works

28*  mystery supporters are allocated to each member. They complete ninety*  separate tasks, across multiple channels - such as members' websites, phone, email & social media - which include the following:

For the regular program. Numbers will vary if non-regular options are selected by the member.

The team of mystery supporters provides you with accurate and comprehensive feedback, and behaves just as real life supporters would do. We have carried out several thousand mystery shops over the years so we know how to make this a truly realistic interaction. The report writing team members have been fundraising practitioners, and they are highly skilled at analyzing the great volumes of data, and presenting it to highlight key themes and summarize the activity.

What you get as a member

  • two in-depth reports
  • immediate alert reports
  • a benchmark report
  • annual members meeting
  • the opportunity to buy add-ons, such as additional repeat mystery shops, bespoke mystery shopping activity, and additional recommendations 

What you will get to know

For all activities, we provide factual data on times, dates, and details of each activity, coupled with the impression this gave the individual mystery supporter, giving you invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your ongoing stewardship. We can even take a longer-term view, year on year.

You'll learn about other things too, including:
  • your signposting
  • functionality & efficiency of your donation and enquiry processes
  • how your supporters are welcomed
  • efficiency of your banking & processing systems
  • skills of your call-handling staff
  • your response times
  • how you handle complaints & queries
  • frequency & content of communications to your supporters
  • how your supporters feel about & view you

What users say

"The biggest direct impact has been helping us to identify our need to undertake a review of thanking… mystery shoppers also highlighted inconsistencies we would never have noticed."

"The Tracker underpins our confidence to increase the frequency of contact - but with the right types of communication."

"We use Tracker insight internally, eg picking out the top 10 elements, and share it with key stakeholders."

"We've used the shopper data to inform, internal discussions about supporter journeys."

"We would recommend the Tracker to other organizations as it helps provide insight into your supporter care teams, allowing regular and quick changes to be applied and tested. THINK’s service is very professional and comprehensive."

Become a member

The ^annual membership fee is CAD $7,250, plus taxes.

To discuss, or to join the program, click here: I am interested in joining!

^Members are also invoiced for an annual donation fund of circa CAD $1,600, which is returned throughout the program via mystery supporter donation.

To download the brochure, click here:

Stewardship Tracker Stewardship Tracker (281 KB)