Finding out what it's like to be one of your supporters

Stewardship Tracker

As a charity, you spend time carefully constructing the journey you want your donors to take. So how does it actually feel from their point of view? Do all the separate communications join together into a seamless whole? Or do donors end up feeling like cows in a milking parlour?

The Stewardship Tracker uses 'mystery supporters' to provide charities with valuable insights into the experience their donors have, to help you improve your stewardship in small or large ways. Over time, you can also track the impact of your changes on customer service, retention and supporter satisfaction.

Want to find out more? Click here: THINK Stewardship Tracker

Bespoke mystery shopping

We can help you transform your levels of donor satisfaction and retention with our bespoke mystery shopping solutions. We can focus on whatever aspect of your fundraising portfolio or customer service you require insight on - at local, provincial or national level.

Supporter surveys

We know that charities want to hear directly from their supporters. We are experienced in developing and analyzing surveys to provide data you can use.